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Hello! I'm Joana Serpa, with a degree in Nutrition Sciences from the Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies and a member of the Order of Nutritionists. I am currently dedicated to clinical nutrition.


There are several pillars that support a healthy lifestyle, however food and exercise are crucial! The secret is to keep the balance between them. Having a balanced diet does not replace physical activity, just as physical activity does not make a balanced diet unnecessary. Only by associating these two pillars is it possible to have positive results in health and well-being.


In this way, in nutrition consultations, a nutritional assessment is carried out, clinical, biometric and biochemical data are collected, nutritional needs are determined taking into account the intensity of physical activity and subsequently an adequate food plan is carried out for each patient. The food plans aim to promote food education, where a complete, varied and balanced diet is privileged.

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