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Coach and Founder

Hello! Do you want to know more about me? I'm 28. I'm from Lisbon, but I've always spent my holidays in Ericeira. Knowing the beauty of the two places, I try to take you to the best of the two interspersing them with  training.


I did a Master's Degree in Teaching Physical Education in Basic and Secondary Education  and a Degree in Human Motricity. I have professional experience in gymnasium, schools and as a basketball coach. I've been involved in sports all my life, including judo, football, basketball, skateboarding and surfing.

Currently, in addition to this training project, I am also an Education teacher Physical e Primary School Sports.


As hobbies,  I currently fish (both dish and sea), hike, skate and surf and I love reading about my field. My post-college studies focus on surf specific training,  injury recoveries and  dynamic exercises to be able to introduce you to something new every time you come to a training session! It's always good to combine what we like with our work!


And who are you? What are your goals?Tell me more about yourself below!

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